A Decentralized Communications Backbone

Connecting the next generation of spacecraft:

EtherSat Network

The EtherSat Protocol (ESP) enables a new paradigm in satellite connectivity. Utilizing the power of the blockchain, ESP creates a Decentralized Global Area Network (DGAN) that decreases revisit time, increases throughput, and maximizes efficiency of existing ground station infrastructure.


Satellite Operators

Satellite Operators leverage the EtherSat Network for on-demand connectivity to satellites in Low Earth Orbit, decreasing infrastructure costs and increasing connection throughput.

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Ground Station Operators

Ground Station Operators are incentivized to provide bandwidth in exchange for micropayments facilitated by the EtherSat Protocol. Participating as a Node in the EtherSat Network enables them to efficiently utilize equipment idle time and increase their ROI.

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The Blockchain

The use of smart-contracts on the Ethereum blockchain enables EtherSat to create a global decentralized data marketplace, with automated connection establishment and payments.

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EtherSat, Inc. is developing the EtherSat Protocol, an open source networking standard for ground to space communications. Our goal is to make communication with spacecraft more efficient, reducing barriers to entry into the aerospace industry.

As the cost to build and launch satellites has decreased, the associated infrastructure costs have grown as a proportion of overall mission costs. At the same time the disruptive potential of incentivized networks like Bitcoin and Ethereum have shown blockchain technology can be used to create powerful and resilient global services.

By deploying a blockchain-enabled satellite communications network EtherSat improves utilization of existing ground station equipment while simultaneously incentivizing the deployment of new ground stations. The result is a public satellite communications network with high throughput and low-latency connectivity that reduces the overall infrastructure costs of launching satellites.

Our Team

Aaron Cohen, CTO

Aaron has the experience of 7 years as an award-winning engineer at NASA, where he developed small satellites that pushed the envelope of what was possible in small packages.  A diverse range of successful missions pads his resume, including cubesats, sub-orbital rockets and ISS hardware.

Alex Edwards, CFO

Alex has spent the past five years as a business analyst in the telecommunications and media industry working with product management and marketing teams to provide insights into product performance in the marketplace.

Luke Duncan, Advisor

Luke is a seasoned product leader with experience leading technical development teams towards product market fit. Previously, Luke founded 1Hive, a blockchain research and development studio serving projects built on the Ethereum blockchain.